Halloween Cross

Posted on 11.20.12

Cyclocross is one of the most fun ways to race on a bicycle. Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in Utah. Put the two together and you get Halloweencross.  [read more]

Cyclocross: A Family Bike Race

Posted on 10.05.12

I started racing cyclocross last year to get in shape for the ski season. Cyclocross racing began in the early 1900's as a way for European road racers to stay in shape during the winter months. Running sections were incorporated in the races in order to keep the racer's feet and toes warm. Utah C [read more]

2010 Photo Slideshow

Posted on 01.11.11

In 2010 I shot over 60,000 still photos using a Canon 40D DSLR camera. This is a slideshow video I put together for the 2010 Alta Community Enrichment event: Welcome to Winter. It is about 2500 still images strung together to create a video effect kind of like a timelapse.

Jenn Berg skiing in Las Lenas Argentina

Posted on 07.09.10

In 2009 I officially switched from filming with film, to filming in digital. Canon came out with the 5D Mark2 which became the new standard.  [read more]

Powder Skiing in Utah

Posted on 03.09.10

Between scoping lines, finding natural take offs, and hitting huge airs into fresh landings, one of the crews’ biggest priorities is nailing a fresh pillow line. Pillows are a unique feature because sometimes they never fill in enough, but when the pillows fill in too m [read more]