DSLR Video, Timelapse

2010 Photo Slideshow

In 2010 I shot over 60,000 still photos using a Canon 40D DSLR camera. This is a slideshow video I put together for the 2010 Alta Community Enrichment event: Welcome to Winter. There are a couple of video shots but most of it is still images strung together to create a video effect like a timelapse.

DSLR Video

Jenn Berg skiing in Las Lenas Argentina

In 2009 I officially switched from filming with film, to filming in digital. Canon came out with the 5D Mark2 which became the new standard.

I jumped on it, bought a plane ticket to Argentina and started filming. Unfortunately the 5D still had a few kinks to work through and there were some issues with the audio and with Auto Exposure, which ended up getting a firmware upgrade to shoot in Manual Mode just before our trip was over.

Jenn Berg is a Professional Freeskier who has had multiple film ski segments in Warren Miller films and is a US National Extreme Skiing Champion. She is as passionate about skiing steep terrain as anyone I’ve ever met and loves to hike and ski powder.

The resort of Las Lenas has 4,035 vertical feet of lift accessed terrain, and backcountry access to an additional 1000+ feet above that.  The runs are long and steep.  It takes two days of travel on either end, coming from the US to get to Las Lenas.  This was our second trip down there and we got to ski some zones that we hadn’t been to before.

Aside from one small planted swath of pine trees, the valley is treeless.  When you get fresh snow in Las Lenas, the place to go is the Marte lift.  From the top of the Marte you can access tons of good terrain.  One of the more epic tours in the valley is called Adrenelina.  You can take the Disco bus to the edge of town to start the tour in pre dawn hours.

This video was shot mostly with a Canon 5D Mark2 and a cheap helmet camera.

DSLR Video

Slideshow: Winter 2009

In anticipation for next season I’ve been looking over some of last seasons most memorable moments.  Here is a timelapse of just over 1000 photos taken during the winter of 2009 shot with a Canon 40D DSLR camera.  The sequences were put together using the Quicktime->File->Open Image Sequence function.  Most of the shots were taken using a remote trigger with the 40D on a tripod while I was filming with a 16mm movie camera.